Education Only Membership (monthly)

$37.00 for each 1 month

Your monthly Education Only Membership includes the following benefits and will automatically renew monthly at this rate. (A $710/year value)

    • Member Only Facebook support group for in-depth discussions, sharing, and support
    • Voting privileges for Charitable Partner of the year to help decide who the company will support with marketing and PR awareness and raising of funds and supplies for their cause
    • Member Only Info sessions (1/month) in our Zoom Room with our featured experts where we do a deep dive into the month’s topic and answer your questions
    • Ask the Veterinarian presentation and Q&A (1/month) in our Zoom Room with Dr. Lisa Boyer to support the month’s topic and answer your important questions
    • Reactive Dog Support Group (monthly) in our Zoom Room for owners of dogs with unique needs who need a supportive and sharing environment
    • Pop Up Talks (1-3/month) in our Zoom Room with experts on topics related to the Curriculum for the month
    • 10 Units of our P.A.W.S. Curriculum covering The Membership, Nutrition, Environment, Socialization/Behavior, Enrichment, Wellness, Health Issues, Your Wellbeing, Emergency Planning, and Member Choice
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