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Our Adventure + Education

A comprehensive program for training, socializing, and enriching your dog’s life as well as your own through outdoor adventures and education from pet experts.

Golden Dog Adventure Co. offers the only program of its kind that not only provides positive, welcoming, and safe exposure for your dog to the pack — but also offers an in-depth curriculum developed through a partnership with dog trainers, canine fitness experts, veterinarians, and others.

Before We Tell You About This Comprehensive Program For Dogs And Their People, Let’s Talk About Who This Is Really For…

You’re someone who believes dogs are family. You want to connect with a tribe of people who understand your unique needs as well as your dogs. You worry about the health and wellbeing of your dog and are tired of searching for answers online from less than credible sources.

Whether You’re

a first-time dog owner looking for a positive, welcoming, and fun environment where you can properly socialize your dog

a seasoned dog owner who enjoys the company of like-minded people and prefers to walk and hike in nature with a group

someone who loves a reactive or special needs dogs, or whose dog just needs additional space, and wants to feel included with people who understand

Do you love a reactive dog? There’s a place for you with us.

You’re in the right place and we are going to tell you exactly how our Adventure & Education Membership will give you the confidence, tools, resources, and unparalleled support needed on your journey to live a fulfilling and rewarding life with your dog.

With the support of our program, you will:

Learn skills for successfully socializing your dog with a pack of dogs (instead of wondering the best way to accomplish but never really trying)

Gain confidence and skills needed to walk your reactive dog with a pack of dogs and understand their unique needs within this environment

Connect with certified dog trainers who offer advice, tips, and resources to help you grow and strengthen your bond with your dog

Develop an understanding of dog behavior and needs through member group discussions, presentations from experts, and our P.A.W.S. Curriculum

Implement the skills you have learned to everyday situations with your dog to see the amazing progress you make together

Benefit from reduced stress, increased happiness, and improved health from spending time in nature

Learn positive, engaging, and enriching methods to make dog training fun and easy

“Joining the Adventure + Education Membership is the best thing I could have done for me and my pup, Guy!
I originally joined to meet a few people and get some much-needed exercise for Guy, but I have been blown away by all of the value added events. Their team does such a great job of offering activities that highlight every aspect of enriching a dog’s life. We love exploring NH trails year-round, learning from featured partners on behavior, training, motivation, and more and making friends along the way. Guy loves seeing his dog buddies each week and I love that I’ve learned more about Guy through our experiences with the club!”


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Also available
Adventure Only Membership – $47/month or $470/year – or – Education Only Membership – $37/month or $370/year

A Small Sample of Our Amazing Members

Joining the membership has been a great experience. I have 3 pups, each with their own nuances and all of them have been able to enjoy the outings/fun at some point. Golden Dog Adventure Company’s team is very knowledgeable, caring, and understanding. They have brought on some great partners that have brought fun and knowledge to us as well. This is a great dog loving community, looking to do their part to give dogs the best life possible!”


So thankful to be able to bring my dog Paige on these walks. Paige is very shy and very wary of humans from having been born feral with zero human contact for the first months of her life. These walks have helped her confidence so much from having solely positive experiences being around other dogs and their human guardians. Everyone is so nice, respectful and understanding that Paige just needs a little extra space”


Awesome!!!! I am so glad that I have found this group. I love the activities, the people, the pups and really the community of likeminded dog people. I had a great time yesterday at the coast for some hiking and swimming. Oh and don’t forget the ice cream stop too. Thanks for the great pictures… that is an extra bonus.”


The online community vibe carried right into a live event. Considering this wasn’t designed as a meet and greet, it says a lot about the members and the team. Although my dog is not reactive, having a reactive dog in my past, I was just so impressed with the space and understanding people gave. It really allowed for dogs of all personalities the opportunity for fun.”


Golden Dog Adventure Co. offers opportunities for my dog to interact with other dogs in a safe environment. It is a social outing for me and my dog! I love the monthly experts too.”


Great opportunity to socialize my reactive dog in a constructive environment. Everyone is so respectful and fun to walk with. I have really enjoyed the live monthly training videos too. I am really looking forward to more outings with our dog Cody! Thank you for all you do!”


What’s Inside the
Adventure + Education Membership?

In addition to having monthly Pop-Up Adventures, Official Club Events with our expert partners, Pack Adventures, and Member Only Events included with your membership, you will have access to all 10 units of our P.A.W.S. Curriculum, including online expert presentations (live and replay), monthly workbook to support the learning, support groups in our Zoom Room, educational videos from partners and collaborators, in-depth group discussion in our member only Facebook group, and more.

The P.A.W.S. Curriculum covers the following important topics:


The Membership

All new members start here to learn about their membership benefits and how to maximize.

Develop an understanding of dog behavior and needs through member group discussions, presentations from experts, and our P.A.W.S. Curriculum

Discover how to navigate the member only section of the website to find educational resources

Learn how to handle an unleashed dog

Learn how to tell if your dog is happy trying a new event/activity

Discover how dogs communicate through their senses



Dogs need a balanced diet to stay healthy and thrive.

Learn about general feeding vs. conditional feeding

Learn about different types of diets and which is best for your dog

Discover fun and easy ways to keep you dog at a healthy weight

Uncover the truth behind allergies and skin issues

Learn how to read and interpret a nutrition label

Learn about Chinese dietary therapy and how it can benefit your dog



A look at the dangers inside and outside your home.

Learn how to reduce or eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) inside and outside your house and discover why they are so dangerous to dogs

Learn about safe solutions for protecting your dog from parasites

Discover what toxins are lurking inside and outside your house, including plants, pesticides, insects, food, etc. and how to keep your dog safe

Learn positive training methods for safely exposing your dog to environmental stimuli at any age

Learn ways to keep your dog safe while hiking using proper trail etiquette, proper leash grip, and more



What does your dog’s behavior tell you?

Learn about the socialization needs of dogs through all stages of life

Discover what your dog’s behavior and body language is telling you

Find positive and fun ways to introduce your dog to the pack through demonstrations and try it

Learn how to boost your dog’s confidence level as well as your own when joining adventures with us

Learn about the special needs of reactive dogs from top experts in the area and solutions for increasing their quality of life and your own



A look at the physical and mental stimulation needs of dogs.

Learn ways to increase your dog’s physical exercise positively and safely

Uncover strategies for engaging your dog in sniffaris, brain games, food puzzles, and other mental stimulation

Learn what is the right activity level for your dog and how much playtime they actually need to feel satisfied

Discover the best walking and hiking trails around as well as swimming spots for you and your dog

Discover ways to alleviate your dog’s boredom when you are away for extended periods of time

Learn ways to make your dogs walk more enjoyable, including loose leash tips and proper equipment



A holistic look at your dogs’ needs both physically & mentally.

Learn about the wellness needs of dogs at all stages of their life from puppyhood to their senior years

Learn about the signs dogs give when they are ill or in pain and what to do about it

Learn ways to prepare for your dog’s progression through life, including joint problems, mobility issues, anxiety/stress, aging needs, eye health, dental needs, and more

Learn strategies to keep your dog both mentally and physically well

Learn how to use food and treats as a motivator to help your dog learn vs. them thinking love = food

Learn fear free strategies for reducing your dog’s anxiety with vet visits and other procedures

Learn how to tell if your dog is enjoying their walk


Health Issues

Preventative care that can increase your dog’s life and vitality.

Discover ways to help your dog live a happy and healthy life through preventative care strategies

Uncover the top health issues to be aware of as your dog ages and the early warning signs they may exhibit

Learn about types of cancer common in dogs and the leading causes

Learn about health insurance for dogs, what companies and plans are the best, and why you should consider

Discover the best types of exercises to keep you and your dog in top health


Your Wellbeing

Dog owner self-care, resources, tips, and advice.

Learn coping mechanisms for dealing with the loss of a dog

Discover special and unique ways to honor and memorialize the furry family members you have lost in your life

Discover ways to communicate with your dog both alive and in spirit

Receive support from pet death professionals to help know when it is the right time

Learn ways to ensure your health and wellbeing while dealing with the stress and uncertainty that comes with caring for a sick or aging dog

Learn strategies for communicating with other dog owners whose belief systems are different then yours


Emergency Planning

How to be prepared for an emergency situation or disaster.

Learn life saving first aid and CPR care for your dog in case of an emergency

Learn what a rescue harness is and how to use to carry your dog off a trail

Learn how to co-exist with hunters and how to keep you and your dog safe during hunting season

Create a disaster plan and learn what supplies you should have on hand if an emergency occurs

Discover what supplies you should always carry with you when hiking in different seasons and areas


Member Choice

Members choose a past topic to review or a new topic for discussion.

Review of past topics that you would like more information about or clarification on

Suggest new topics for discussion with our dog trainers, veterinarians, fitness experts, or others

Learn about new science in canine care and dog training methods

When you enroll during this special, limited time period, you’ll get access to:

The Adventure + Education Membership

Member Only Facebook support group for in-depth discussions, sharing, and support

Voting privileges for Charitable Partner of the year to help decide who the company will support with marketing and PR awareness and raising of funds and supplies for their cause

Pop Up Adventures (approx. 2-3/month)* such as walks, hikes, social events at wineries, breweries, meaderies, and more

Official Club Events (approx. 1/month)* educational outings hosted by our expert partners (i.e. canine fitness, dog parkour, dog training, wellness walks, and more)

Pack Adventures (approx. 20/year)* are walks and hikes held during the week and attract a smaller group of people

Member Only Events (approx. 5-7/year)* are outings just for members to get together and enjoy each other’s company

Member Only Info sessions (approx. 1/month) in our Zoom Room with our expert partners where we do a deep dive into the month’s topic and answer your questions

Ask the Veterinarian presentation and Q&A (approx. 1/month) in our Zoom Room with Dr. Lisa Boyer to support the month’s topic and answer your important questions

Reactive Dog Support Group (approx. 10x/year) in our Zoom Room for owners of dogs with unique needs who need a supportive and sharing environment

Pop Up Talks (approx. 1-3/month) in our Zoom Room with experts on topics related to the Curriculum for the month

10 Units of our P.A.W.S. Curriculum covering The Membership, Nutrition, Environment, Socialization/Behavior, Enrichment, Wellness, Health Issues, Your Wellbeing, Emergency Planning, and Member Choice

$10 off Special Event fees (purchase up to 3 additional tickets for friends and family with your member discount)

15% discount in company store off items such as apparel, punch cards, bandannas, tick spray, and more

Admission for 2 children, up to age 18, at no additional charge for events listed above with an asterisk (*)

1st access to limited event tickets before they are released to the Community

Plus, You Will Receive These Additional Bonuses That Are ONLY Available To Adventure + Education Members (Annual Payment Plan)

25% off an annual or monthly Adventure Only membership for a significant other

Welcome Package which includes a limited edition 2022 t-shirt, 4 guest passes, and a member decal

Our Top Secret Favorite Places to Take Your Dog Swimming this Summer list

Enroll in the
Adventure + Education Membership Today





Also available
Adventure Only Membership – $47/month or $470/year – or – Education Only Membership – $37/month or $370/year

Burning questions other members have asked before joining the Adventure + Education Membership

No. Membership opens four times each year – March 20th, June 20th, September 20th, and December 20th – for 10 days only. New members are welcome to join when the membership is open.
When our membership is closed, we welcome new members and introduce them to our P.A.W.S. Curriculum. We work with them to help set goals for their dog’s health and wellbeing as well as their own. We also invite them to experience their first social events with other members.
The P.A.W.S. Curriculum is a collaborative effort between the NH Dog Walking Club, professional dog trainers, canine fitness experts, veterinarians, and other experts. The interactive curriculum welcomes and introduces members to the membership and gives them access to education and resources that have been developed for members based on survey feedback.
Yes! If a dog trainer does not adhere to our Core Beliefs & Values, we will not work with them or allow them to connect with our members.
Facebook is the platform we use for our Member Only group. We hold discussions about the Curriculum, offer support, share stories, and stay connected. All components of the P.A.W.S. Curriculum are located on our website in the Member Only section. If you are not on Facebook, you will still have full access to the Curriculum, but you will be unable to participate in the group discussions.
Currently yes, except for member-only events. Priority for limited ticket events is given to members first. Usually 3-7 days after, remaining tickets are released to our Community members and the general public. As the membership grows, we anticipate offering less events to the Community to keep our participation manageable, welcoming, and safe for members.
We collaborate with certified dog trainers, canine fitness experts, veterinarians, pet photographers, animal communicators, and other pet professionals who demonstrate a commitment to our Core Beliefs. Most experts we work with are located in NH, ME, or MA, but we occasionally bring in national experts who offer topics of interest to members.
Yes, you are welcome to pay $74 monthly for membership, or choose our annual discounted plan for $740 which gives you two months free.
No. We encourage new members to join for a full year to enjoy all the benefits offered each month. As a thank you, you will receive the bonus offers for an annual membership.
Yes. We offer Adventure Only and Education Only memberships that can be purchased monthly or annually at a discount. The Adventure Only membership is $47/month or $470/year and the Education Only membership is $37/month or $370/year.
Yes. Two children up to the age of 18 are welcome to attend Pop Up Adventures, Official Club Events, Pack Adventures and Member Only Events with you at no additional charge.
Yes. We can’t wait to welcome your human and furry family to our special events. As an Adventure & Education Member, you can purchase 3 additional tickets for friends and family at your discounted member rate.
For safety reasons, we allow each participant to bring up to two dogs to an event. There are times when we limit participation to one dog/person for maximum happiness. This information will be listed in the event post.

Still “thinking about it?”

You want the best for your furry family… like… really badly.

Whether it’s wanting your dog to be happy by providing physical and mental stimulation to keep them engaged or socializing them in a safe and welcoming environment, we are here to support you with fun and exciting options for learning and connecting.

More importantly, you would prefer to not spend your days constantly searching for the best pet care options, up-to-date research, scheduling play dates, and looking for social activities, when we can do that for you.

That’s why you are motivated beyond measure to invest in your dog’s health and wellbeing as well as your own so that you can relieve any stress and guilt you feel when it comes to their care.

I personally cannot wait to guide you over this next year…

I am a dog mom to a 13-year-old, reactive, Collie/Brittany Spaniel mix, and a 6-year-old Cattle Dog/Shepherd mix who has confidence issues. As my older girl ages, I worry about her quality of life.

Loving a dog has literally transformed my life…and I imagine it has transformed yours too!

The people, dogs, and experts I have connected with over the years have been so supportive.

If you love an amazing dog and want to give them the best life possible, then you are golden.

Our membership will provide you with the tools and resources you need to be successful at providing the best loving and caring environment for your pup.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside the membership and on the trails.

All my best,

Enroll in the
Adventure + Education Membership Today





Also available
Adventure Only Membership – $47/month or $470/year – or – Education Only Membership – $37/month or $370/year

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