Nature Walks

Experience Nature with Your Dog in a Unique Way

Immerse yourself in nature with award-winning environmental educator, Kelly Dwyer of Nature Education Opportunities. As a certified wellness coach, Kelly also brings a deep understanding of the numerous benefits of connecting with the natural world to reduce stress, improve health and embrace a more mindful approach to life and learning. Her programs incorporate simple and effective mindfulness principles such as sensory engagement, breathing techniques and basic yoga stretches to help learners of all ages connect with the learning environment.


See nature and experience it. Learn about maturing mammals, insects and pollinators, identifying birds through sound and behavior, and more!

Enriching opportunities for dogs both socially and mentally as they meet new friends and interact with the environment using all their senses. 

Enjoy your outing and get involved with the learning while your dog enjoys a special treat to keep them engaged when needed.

Join our next nature adventure

Nature walks are held several times each year. Themes and topics revolve around the seasons and what the natural world is experiencing and doing at different times of the year. Each adventure brings something new for both you and your dog to experience in an enriching and engaging way. 

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