Doggy Olympics

2021 Closing Ceremony

A huge thank you to our instructors, judges, host sites, participants, photographers, media, and community for making the 1st Annual Doggy Olympics a memorable experience for all. Congratulations to all of our competitors who played hard and enjoyed the amazing opportunities our partners offered in this first ever event!


Congratulations to Austin and Galaxy for winning “gold” at our 1st Annual Doggy Olympics. The won the Canine Fitness Challenge and Bubble Catching Game, and had the highest overall score. 

Charlie and Jayme were the “silver” medal winners and placed first in the Dock Diving Contest and Ice Cream Eating Contest. They had the second highest cumulative score.

The “bronze” medal was earned by Gerry and Ranger as well as Alina, Chris and Liam. Ranger tied in the Howling Contest and Longest Tail Competition and Liam tied in the Howling Contest and won the Longest Sit/Stay Competition. 

Stay tuned for the next olympics coming soon

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