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P.A.W.S. Trail

With the help of our 5-stage, dog training success path, you and your dog will receive the resources and education needed to learn valuable dog training skills. You advance through each stage and earn Club badges to mark your achievements.


Attend Official Club Walks, Pop-Up Walks and Pack Adventures at no additional charge with your membership. Walks and hikes currently take place in southern NH (Concord to the seacoast), southern ME, and northern MA.

Online Events

Access to online events with pet professionals and our club Pawtys where we talk with our experts, charitable partners, and give away prizes is included at no additional charge with your membership.

Educational Resources

Access to educational and instructional videos and materials in our Library on several topics is available with your membership. Our resources help guide you down the P.A.W.S. Trail setting you and your dog up for success.

Discounted Special Events

Members will receive a discount off of our unique outings for dogs and their people. Examples include, corn maze adventure, geocaching, kayaking, paddle boarding, brewery tour, doggy social with a trainer, Parkour, agility course, and much more!

Facebook Community

Our Facebook community has 1.2K engaged and passionate dog lovers who share ideas and resources for helping your dog live its best life. Connect with others in our group for answers to questions about your dog's health, training, personality, body language, socialization, exercise, age, and so much more!

Doggy Socials

Social, off-leash events for your dog in a private space monthly. This is a great opportunity for your dog to play off-leash with other dogs in a controlled and monitored environment. During these events, you will learn about your dog's body language, place in the pack, socialization skills, and more.

Community Connection

Get exercise and meet new friends through our outings. Connect with our community of dog lovers who are dedicated to the health and wellness of their pets using positive reinforcement techniques and sustainable pet care practices.

Join the Club as a Founding Member, available through March 1, 2021

Our Mission:
To bring dogs and their people together for exercise, education, and socialization in a positive, welcoming, and fun environment. 

Our Vision:
To build a community of dog owners who are dedicated to the health and wellness of their pets using positive reinforcement techniques and sustainable pet care practices.

Our Core Beliefs & Values:

  1. We believe dogs are family.
  2. We believe that the human/dog bond is strengthened through quality time spent with a community of people who have similar interests and beliefs about pet care.
  3. We believe dogs learn best using positive, fun, and enriching training methods.
  4. We believe collaborations with pet professionals benefits our members by offering the best educational resources for learning and growing.
  5. We believe that time spent in the natural world reduces stress, increases happiness, and improves the health of dogs and their people.

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